Project BrainSafe Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Project BrainSafe is celebrating its five-year anniversary! We’ve outlined some of the highlights of how Project BrainSafe is helping to make ou...

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Concussion Changes Life for CentraCare Physician

Concussions can occur anywhere and anytime, including the workplace. Sarah Carter, MD, hospitalist at St. Cloud Hospital shares her experience when sh...

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The headaches were a piercing pain that were always there, behind my eyes, pounding every second of the day.
Brianna, gymnastics
I just didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel connected with family. I didn’t feel happy. I felt stressed out all the time. I was dizzy, my eyes hurt and I wanted to sleep all day.
Luke, hockey & football
I walked down the hallway and my head would just swim… …people were talking …doors were slamming …teachers were yelling …books were falling. I could hear every single noise that was happening in that hallway.
Molly, softball
Project BrainSafe